kids and teachers at early childhood education at Sunrise Children's FoundationDuring the early years of childhood, there is much growth that centers around cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. For those developments to thrive, children must be in an environment where they are guided and supported in a way that allows them to build a strong foundation they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Due to these vital aspects of development, the importance of early childhood education, childcare, and related fields cannot be understated. If you are seeking a career in early childhood education in Nevada, are a professional with experience in childcare, infant care, and early childhood education looking for new opportunities, or are a recent graduate and interested in working with nonprofit organizations focused on child welfare and education, we are here to help.

Thanks to people like you — those who are looking to make a positive impact on children’s early development — we at the Sunrise Children’s Foundation can offer programs such as Home Visits, WIC (Women, Infants, and Children, a Special Supplemental Nutrition program), and Early Head Start. 

We will provide comprehensive resources to help you start your new career with us today.


Understanding the Field of Nonprofit Jobs

Working for a nonprofit is the perfect fit if you are eager to make a positive impact. Nonprofits commit themselves to expanding funds for causes like accessible education, and working for a nonprofit focused on child development can provide a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

It can also be highly motivating to further your career in these fields. We work with The Nevada Registry, which provides additional early care and education (ECE) resources to improve professional development in Nevada.

Early Childhood Education in Nevada

Working in early childhood education is one of the most rewarding careers. Early childhood education professionals treasure working with young children in their formative years, helping them establish a solid basis for their growth and development and providing the support they need as they develop.

Head Start Programs

Our Early Head Start and Nevada Ready programs offer comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income and underserved populations, including expecting mothers, infants, toddlers, and their families.

While Early Head Start serves infants and toddlers from 2 months to 3 years of age, our Nevada Ready classrooms allow a continuum to care for students in a traditional Pre-K program geared toward school readiness.

Head Start careers help promote infant and toddler health and development, foster positive family relationships, and support parents as their children’s primary decision-makers and nurturers.

Infant and Childcare Jobs

Infant care careers come in a wide range, and depending on the position, the qualifications may change, but for the most part, there are particular skills we look for, such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Be organized and pay attention to detail
  • Have patience, tact, and professionalism
  • Be flexible with your schedule

The Nevada Department of Education requires an Early Childhood Education License for certain positions, such as teachers. This license allows an educator to teach children from birth through second grade.

It is also essential for anyone working in infant care jobs to be able to provide CPR and First Aid to children if needed. That is why The Children’s Cabinet offers resources like CPR/First Aid & CDA Training Support.

Getting Started in Your Career

Not all positions require higher education, but if you are in need of special programs or licensing, various facilities offer early childhood education programs, including private and public universities.

The Nevada Registry also offers a Professional Development Plan to “help you reflect upon your own practice as an Early Childhood professional.”

Every plan will look different because each person brings a unique combination of professional skills and expertise, experience, and education to early childhood environments. For this reason, your PDP must be constructed based on your interests and needs.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements will change depending on the exact position you are searching for.

Qualifications can range anywhere from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree in early childhood special education or a master’s degree in early childhood education or early childhood development.

Some, however, only require experience with infants or toddlers in a group setting. It all depends on the position, and we encourage you to look at our early childhood education jobs to see which career is the perfect fit for you.

Finding Job Opportunities

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can still upload your resume and join the talent community for Sunrise Children’s Foundation! Make every day count, and start your rewarding career with us today.


Professional Development

Ongoing professional development, including workshops, seminars, and online courses related to early childhood education and nutrition, is crucial for obtaining the latest information and continuing to better the lives of children. 

The Children’s Cabinet “works collaboratively with other agencies to provide opportunities for education and training in the field of early childhood.”

They offer various training formats for childcare providers to make it easy to continue growing in your career field.

Financial Support and Resources

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood ® Nevada provides college scholarships to “address the issues of education, poor compensation, and high turnover within the early childhood workforce.”

The Nevada Office of Early Care and Education supports ECE professionals in Nevada by including “accreditation support, scholarships, and the T.E.A.C.H. Project.”

The NAEYC (Nevada Association for the Education of Young Children) is committed to supporting “excellence, inclusion, innovation, and community in the field of early childhood education” with its complete list of resources available.

Begin Your Career in Early Childhood Education

If you’re seeking career opportunities in early childhood education, Sunrise Children’s Foundation is an excellent place to start your journey. Utilizing the resources provided for career advancement gives you a lifetime of fulfillment and rewarding experiences as an early childhood education professional in Nevada. Visit our Early Childhood Education Career FAQ page for more information!

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