The Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters Program (HIPPY) is a home-visiting, early intervention program for families with children aged three to five years of age.
Teacher Inga North
Age 2-3 y/o
Class size 15
Duration 45 min
Category Elementary

Sunrise Children’s Foundation offers various, free home-based early childhood education programs that empower parents to be their child’s first teacher. The parent is provided with a set of developmentally appropriate materials, curriculum and books designed to strengthen their children’s cognitive skills, early literacy skills, social / emotional and physical development.

How Home Visiting Helps Parents

The Sunrise Children’s Foundation home visiting programs begin with the basic tenet that all parents want the very best for their children, but might need support and help in developing their children’s potential. Our friendly parent educators teach parents fun and easy ways to engage their children in educational activities. We even provide additional support through group meetings and special events.

How Home Visiting Helps Children

  • Our curriculum focuses on language development, problem solving, logical thinking and perceptual skills.
  • With the goal of school readiness at its core, our curriculum covers the skills necessary to acquire reading and other literacy skills.
  • Parent educators personalize each lesson to ensure it is developmentally appropriate and builds on the child’s interests and maturing skills.
  • Home visiting fosters both social-emotional and physical development in children.
  • Home visiting gives parents the tools, skills and confidence they need to be their child’s first teacher.

Our certified parent educators help parents to engage their children in daily learning activities that promote literacy and school readiness. Serving income eligible families throughout Clark County, trained Parent Educators conduct year-round sessions for a maximum of three years to enable the children to enter school ready to learn with the ability and confidence to succeed.

For more information about the home visiting program that is best for you, please call 702-631-7130.

1. Proof of Child’s Age Prueba de la edad del niño

  • Birth Certificate or Crib Card Acta de nacimiento o Tarjeta de cuna
  • Custody Placement Letter Carta de colocación de custodia
  • Proof of Pregnancy Prueba de embarazo

2. Categorically Eligible* categóricamente Elegible*

  • Custody Placement Letter or Guardianship Documentation* Carta de colocación de custodia o documentación de tutela*
  • Documentation of Homelessness* documentación de falta de vivienda*
  • TANF, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SNAP Benefits (award letter, picture of EBT card, snapshot of benefits, etc.)* Beneficios en efectivo de TANF, SSI (Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario) o Beneficios de estampillas de comida (carta de beneficios, foto de la tarjeta de EBT, foto o resumen de los beneficios en la aplicación, etc.)*

3. Proof of income (Provide all that apply. If you provided one from #1 and #2, you do not need to provide any of the items below because you are automatically eligible.) Prueba de Ingresos (Proporcione todos lo que correspondan. Si proporciono uno de los punto 1 y 2, no necesita proporcionar ninguno de los elementos a continuación porque es automáticamente elegible).

  • 1040 income tax return or all W2 forms from the previous year Impuestos o todos formularios W2 del año o anterior
  • Last three most recent pay stubs (including YTD) prior to appointment Los últimos tres talones de cheques más recientes (incluido el año hasta la fecha) antes de la cita
  • If you are paid in cash or self-employed, a written statement stating the following will be required: occupation, start date, work schedule, pay date/schedule, contact information of someone who can confirm and consent. Si le pagan en efectivo o trabaja por cuenta propia, se requerirá una carta escrita que indique lo siguiente: ocupación, fecha de inicio, horario de trabajo, fecha/horario de pago, información de contacto de alguien que pueda confirmar y dar su consentimiento.
  • Child Support (statement/ledger, court order documentation or written statement) manutención de menores (declaración/libro mayor, documentación de orden judicial o declaración escrita)

4. Purpose of Care (Child Development Centers only) Proposito del Cuidado (solo centros de Desarrollo infantil)

  • Adoption Subsidies Subsidios de adopcion
  • Foster Care Reimbursement Reembolso de cuidad de crianza
  • Identification Identificacion
  • Pension Benefits Beneficios de Pensión
  • School Schedule (minimum of three credits) Horario Escolar (minimo de tres creditos)
  • Social Security Benefits Beneficios de Seguro Social
  • Social Security Cards Tarjetas de seguro social
  • Unemployment Benefits Beneficios de desempleado