You can make a difference

We know that 90% of a child’s brain development happens before age 5.  As a  Bright Start Partner, you’re part of a special community of donors who are committed to educating children and families during the most critical time in a child’s life. All families deserve access to quality education and nutrition. Your monthly gift ensures families never have to worry about paying a hefty bill for monthly childcare, regardless of their zip code and family background.

Bright Futures Begin At Sunrise Children’s Foundation

  • All Sunrise Children’s Families are at 100% Poverty Level
  • All Food, Services, and Education are Provided at NO CHARGE
  • 100% of ALL Proceeds Directly Support Program Education

Your gift makes a difference — watch our stories to see for yourself.

two children drawing at the head start program

Become A Bright Start Partner

There are no poor neighborhoods just neighborhoods that are poor  in resources, like good schools, quality child care, and proper nutrition. Children need these resources in order to thrive. On average, growing up in an area of concentrated poverty means poorer health, lower school achievement, and worse  adult outcomes. These children watch more television, take part in fewer education activities, and are more likely  to be overweight than children in more affluent communities. Sunrise brings these vital resources to some of the most vulnerable areas of Clark County. With your help we can achieve our mission to ensure quality education and nutrition for ALL. 

Want to make a one-time donation?

Here are some easy ways to give.


Per Month
  • Books for every child promote literacy and parental bonding as parents read to their children as opposed to watching TV.

Twinkling Star Donor

Per Month
  • Meals for a Sunrise classroom. Hungry children can't focus on learning. We serve over $100,000 healthy meals each year at no cost to our families.

Bright Star Donor

Per Month
  • Developmentally appropriate classroom manipulatives ensure our children have the best in early learning development in a home or in a classroom or a clinic.

Shooting Star Donor

Per Month
  • Curriculum for a Sunrise classroom. School readiness is our goal. SCF provides the best curriculum to ensure that our preschoolers are ready for kindergarten and beyond.