Board of Directors

The Sunrise Children’s Foundation is honored to have such an accomplished and dedicated board. Our members are exemplary Las Vegas citizens who share our great passion for the health and education of children in our community.

Executive Board Of Directors
Courtney Orrock, Chairman of the Board Term 2014-2020
Kaleo Curtis, Treasurer of the Board, Term 2011-2017
Lindsay Diamond, Secretary of the Board, Term 2014-2020
Monica Plaxton Garin, Immediate Past Chair of the Board, Term 2009-2018
Board Of Directors
Lindsay Diamond, PH.D. Term 2014-2020
James Grimes, Term 2013-2019
J. Parker Kurlinski, M.D. Term 2013-2019
Denise Mora Term 2017-2023
Ann Lynch, Term 2011-2017
Melanie Maviglia, Term 2012-2018
Alexandria Osborne, Term 2015-2021
Bonnie Rosselli, Term 2015-2021
Jennifer Bradley, Term 2016-2022
Directors Emeritus
Victor Salerno
Michael E. Minden