HIPPY has been magnificent for me and my four children. I have learned that children early age have the ambition and skills to learn concepts that I had not imagined. The children have learned a lot, motivated by playing. This way has made it more interesting and amusing for them. Thanks HIPPY for their help, my children go into Kindergarten knowing their shapes, colors, and letters. They do not have difficulties coloring, or grabbing a pencil. There is a lot of early learning for the children and for us as parents. Thank you.

- Laura

Since my son has been in Early Head Start, he is now behaving better at home. He is following directions, cleaning up after himself, counting 1-10 in English and Spanish, and eats with a spoon or fork at meals, just to name some.

- Gonzalez Family

The HIPPY program has helped my son in developing his handiness, comprehension, visual, auditory development, and vocabulary among others things. What I think of the program is that it is very good and I would like to see the program continue ahead helping more families to form a better future. It was a pleasure to have worked along with you and to see the advantage my family took of this great experience. I have seen my child change in the way that he is very sociable and has unfolded and become more of a participant from time to time. Thank you for your attention.

- Rose

The Early Head Start program is very well for my child. This is not daycare; this is a learning process for them. She just started this summer and she is learning some sign language, she can identify different things. She is even serving herself and pointing to things she wants. She is picking up after herself too. I think this program is incredible. I could go on and on.

- Mother of Taylor

About Sunrise Children’s Foundation

Early Childhood…..that’s what we do!

Our Philosophy

Sunrise Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation organized solely for pediatric health and education. Founded in 1993, SCF provides multiple programs throughout Clark County, all free of cost.

Our Mission

Helping children fulfill their potential of safe, healthy and educated lives.

Our Programs

Sunrise Children’s Foundation programs support a myriad of critical areas focusing on optimal child development including prenatal care and breast-feeding education; infant and toddler health and development ; wellness, nutrition and health education; parent education; reading and literacy skills; and positive family relationships. SCF delivers a full scope of services from birth to five and provides a comprehensive continuum of care to ensure that children in Nevada have a chance at success.

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect

We add value to relationships by building bonds, understanding, listening, apologizing for mistakes, accepting differences, being supportive and being intentional about two-way communication.


We demonstrate unity in strong moral principles by providing information and services in a truthful way.


We believe in what we do by having passion, knowledge and acceptance of those we serve.


We use education and expertise to make better decisions. We help one another realize their importance to the organization.


We can be counted on to do what we say we will do. We build trust by providing accurate information, following through on our commitments, being dependable, honest and ethical.